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JiangMen Peak Tram Wind Solar Energy Power Project

Wind Turbine:Max Series 1600W wind turbine
Rated power :1600W
Peak power :1800W
Connection type:flanch
Controller:MPPT Controller
Wind turbines input:2000W
Solar energy input :2000W
Battery:12V 150Ah 18 pieces
Wind solar controller:24V 10A
lamp pole:10 metres height,4.0mmTH
cable:3.0/2.5/4.0 mm2cable
Solar panels stents:4×4 Angle steel galvanized spray paint

  Guanzhou Sunning Windpower Generator Co., Ltd is the high-tech company, it is concentrate on no consumption, no pollution and no output. With duty for energy saving and environmental protection, make our city develop better and better.GuDou Peak Tram in JiangMen,with complicated terrain, it is far away from government grid, and the connection cost very high, it bring some trouble for people to get the government power, and the wind solar hybrid system from Guangzhou Sunning could solve this problem,this system make good use of wind and sunshine, and supply the power to the CCTV and make sure the camera work smoothly.