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Wind Solar Monitoring in High Speed Road


Wind Turbine:Mini series 400W 24V small wind turbine
wind turbine input power:400W
Solar pannel input power:300W
Battery Rated Voltage:24V
Input power:500W,220V
Type:Three-phase brushless permanent magnet motor
Wind generator material:Primary aluminum alloy shell
Blade material:High strength nylon fibre
Connection type:flanch
Controller:MPPT Controller
Wind Solar controller:Controller Inverter Combination
Solar pannel:150W 2 pieces

       Shenhe High Speed Road is the important road in Shanxi, but it is not convenience to get the government power and difficult to establish the government line, so it need the off grid power supply system. And Guangzhou Sunning is concentrated in wind solar area for more than 8 years, and supply the perfect project system for the cctv system. Also,with the material become less and less, the environment become worse and worse, we must stand up and protect our environment, just from our area, we could get the wind and solar energy free, no pollution, clean for our life. So, use wind solar system to supply power to cctv, it is best choice for you.