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Wind Solar Street Light In Petrol Station


Wind turbine:Mini series 300W 24V small wind turbine
Type:Five-phase brushless permanent magnet motor
Connection type:Flange
Controller:PWM controller
Solar panel:300W
Battery:12V(200Ah)2 pieces
Wind solar controller:24V 10A
LED lamp:60W 24V alloy  LED light
Lamp pole:8metres height,3.5mmTH
Cable:3.0/2.5/4.0 mm²cable
Operating mode:1-14 hours working time on its own combination

If you need electricity in a remote location, we can help. We design and supply complete off-grid solar & wind power systems for a wide variety of applications.Such as petrol station.Petrol station is a special place which is strictly control for the fire, no matter there is any electricity spark, it is forbidden.It is easy for you to find the logoes for fire forbidden, phone calling forbidden etc. Nowadays,it is popurlar to lightening the petrol statation with wind solar hybrid lighting system. With this system, they do not need to lay the cable around filling station, it will reduce the risk of the explosion of the cable spark. For the wind solar street light system, it will use the wind turbine, solar panel, controller, battery and explosion-proof light.This hybrid system, just make good use of the wind material, when the wind is coming, no matter day or night, it will generate power and storage at the battery bank, also at the day time, the sun rise, the solar panel will generate power too.