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Hisense South Africa Factory Wind Solar Street Light Project

Wind Turbine:Mini series 400W 24V small wind turbine
Type:Three-phase brushless permanent magnet motor
Connection type:flanch
Controller:MPPT Controller
Solar pannel:150W
Wind solar controller:12V 10A
LED lamp:50W 12V alloy  LED light
lamp pole:8metres height,3.5mmTH
cable:3.0/2.5/4.0mm² cable
Solar panels stents:4×4 Angle steel galvanized spray paint
operating mode:1-14 hours working time on its own combination
Continuous working days:3-5days in the rainy day

2013.03, Qingdao Hisense Enterprise, purchase wind solar hybrid street light system from Guangzhou Sunning Windpower Generator Co., Ltd, installed at the South African factory. The factory at South Africa, is set up at the place with the enjoyable sunshine and good wind, so, in order to save energy, make good use of the wind and sunshine resource, Hisense use the wind solar street light system at the playground at night. With the energy resource become less and less, and the environmental pollution is worse and worse, the clean and free energy plays more and more important roles in our live, Hisense install the clean street light at South Africa, it is not only to make good use of nature resource and save energy, but to express the energy idea of saving and environmental protection to all the workers.