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Wind turbine generator installed in Inner Mongolia

Update Time:2014-08-28 16:28

TAIYUAN -- The first China-made wind turbine generator has been installed in a wind farm in Inner Mongolia autonomous region to capture high altitude wind energy, company officials said Tuesday.

Cao Keshun, said that the generator, which weighs 805 tonnes, can be used both on land and sea for wind power generation. Its annual output is enough to supply electricity for 10,000 households per year.

The Chinese government strongly supports development of the wind power industry. The country's wind power installed capacity is expected to top 75 million kilowatts with electricity output reaching 140 billion kilowatt-hours by the end of 2013, said Wang Jun, head of the New Energy Bureau of the National Energy Administration, last month.

Cao said that the company has decided to tap further into wind power equipment production, and recently built a plant in Ulan Qab City in Inner Mongolia, which was designed with an annual production capacity of 500 wind power generators.