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Why do you chose Sunning small wind turbine?

Update Time:2016-03-04 10:42

Q1: You are factory or trade company ?
A: We are professional small wind turbine factory,specialized in designing and manufacturing small wind turbines more than 8 years.We also have our own workshop,and we also installed the wind turbines outside our company for testing,to ensure all the wind turbines are good before delivery.

Q2: The quotation is including all the components?Means the whole system I need?
A: The price list for small wind turbine only including generator, blades and controller, without inverter and other parts. But if you need others components,we can help you purchase in Chinese Market.

Q3: What’s the working voltage of your wind turbines?Do I need batteries to store the electricity?
A: Our wind turbines have on-grid and off-grid.The off-grid system have 12V,24V,48V.The on-grid system have 110V,380V.About off-grid system,you need batteries bank for storing.But on-grid system don’t need it,it can connected to your grid directly.

Q4: How height of the tower/pole for wind turbines?And how to install it,especially the foundation?
A: Different small wind turbine have different tower.Generally,for our 600W,1KW wind turbines,we use 8m guyed cable tower.For 5KW wind turbine have two types,one is 12m free standing tower,another is 12m hydraulic tower.More than 5KW wind turbines,have 12m/18m hydraulic tower.

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